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The first children's publication from American artist, Lisa Perez, Poor Little Pup is a 32-page picture book with rhyming text and adorable full-color illustrations.  Follow along with the little pup's journey, or make a game out of finding the other little creatures that pop up throughout the book.  It is perfect for lap time with a little one or for reading aloud to groups.   

Poor Little Pup cover

What's it about?

Poor little pup.  

When a nice woman finds him in the woods with no collar or tag, she takes him home with her.  She soon realizes the pup wants a lot of attention, and she already cares for many other animals.  

The woman reaches out to a local pet shelter to help her find the poor puppy a good home where he will be happy.

After spending a lonely night in the shelter, the puppy meets a very special boy who gives him a new name, a new collar, and a very special lap to call his own!

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About the Book

About the Author

Lisa Perez is an American artist and designer that grew up in Livonia, Michigan.  She has three grown children and currently resides in Battle Creek with her husband, family, and four rescue dogs:  Maggie, Rocky, Daisy, and Evie.

After years as a retail HR executive, Lisa stepped away from leadership in order to pursue her creative passions including photography, graphic design, and various other projects.  Lisa believes strongly in diversity, equity, and inclusion, and strives to demonstrate these beliefs in her works.  

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About the Author

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