Let's Talk About Synchronicity

During a breakfast conversation with your spouse, you find yourself reminiscing about your wedding and how much fun you had at the reception. You mention that you haven't spoken with your Maid of Honor, Heather, in a while and wonder how she's been doing. Then, on your way to work, you turn on the radio and the song that played for your first dance at your wedding reception comes on. This makes you think of Heather again. At lunch, you make a quick run to the coffee shop. As you wait for your latte you're thinking about your morning conversation when the barista places another order on the pick up counter. You glance down and notice the name "Heather" is scrawled across the cup. (It's not your friend named Heather, but what a crazy coincidence! Or is it?)

A quick search on Google brings up the following regarding Synchronicity vs. Coincidence: "Coincidence and synchronicity are both defined as “striking occurrences of two or more events at one time”. The difference is that coincidence is perceived as chance or luck while synchronicity implies the presence of a deeper intelligence at work."

On your way home from work, you decide to give your friend, Heather, a call. She's been going through a tough time at home and really needing some moral support, and she's been missing your close connection. She's so appreciative of your call, and you're glad you reached out so you could be there for her.

What you just experienced was the result of synchronistic occurrences. You received intuitive signals designed to get your attention and point you toward your friend. If you dismissed these signals as merely "coincidences," you may have missed the urging to reach out.

Synchronicities like these occur for us ALL. THE. TIME. The first key in benefiting from them is being open and aware enough to notice.

Here are a few tips to develop your intuitive abilities regarding these signs:

  1. Be present. You will here this often regarding spirituality, and it's such an important practice. If you are lost in the past, the future, or distractions like a phone or TV, you can easily miss the messages around you.

  2. Be open. Signs can be very subtle and it is easy to dismiss them. Allow yourself to accept that the Universe wants to talk to you.

  3. Take notes. When you notice patterns--perhaps like the example above, or repeating numbers, etc.--make a note of what it is you are thinking or doing in that moment. Often the sign is connected to your thought or action and is designed to guide you or provide affirmation that you are on the right track.

Learning to listen to your guides is an important step in spiritual growth. Acknowledging and interpreting synchronicity can be a transformative experience allowing what is often the first real connection between a human and their highest potential.

If you are struggling with how to interpret signals you've been noticing, I would love to help you. Feel free to contact me here or via the site.



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